Lifecycle integration in the value chain is the next challenge for innovation.

SE & DTw

System Engineering and Digital Twins are a key leverage for services performance.


Improve your supply chain collaboration with your suppliers.

Data & Infrastructure

Boost your digital collaboration with your partners in complete confidence.

Our positioning

  • AFNeT Services is dedicated to the development of the Extended Enterprise, Multi-Business Collaboration and Digital Continuity.
  • We are a neutral consulting firm in digital transformation for all industrial sectors. We help you select, implement and maintain a high level of availability of your solutions and your sovereignty.
  • We intervene in the entire life cycle of a project from ideation to decommissioning solutions in accordance with the challenges of corporate social and environmental responsibility.
Our Positioning

Our differences

We favor Visibility, Modeling, Prototyping and Standards

  • A visual communication: Sharing clear representations of the project to guarantee an optimal monitoring for our customer.
  • The use of models: Proposing robust solutions by using models in the development of our solutions.
  • The use of prototypes: Reducing risks through future processes simulation thanks to prototyping.
  • Priority to standards: Maximizing the chances of collective adoption and best practices application using standards (processes, format, data, architectures…).
Our Differences

Our offer

Our offer to support companies and sectors digital strategy

  • Defining the digital roadmap of companies. AFNeT Services is dedicated to the development of the Extended Enterprise, Multi-Business Collaboration and Digital Continuity.
  • Assessing maturity of model-based digital processes.
  • Assessing maturity standards and digital continuity adoption (organization, process, MDM).
  • Supporting action to ensure the national and European sovereignty of the sectors.
  • Sharing maps of standards for decision support.
  • Setting up projects with high pooling of resources (private, public).

Our offer to provide operational services

  • Maintaining a network of expertise.
  • Managing and coordinating project (ATLAS, Gaia-X, ...), on digital technology contribution for mode sustainable world.
  • Benchmarking solution, use case implementation.
  • AMOA and AMOE on model-based digital processes.
  • AMOA and AMOE on the integration of standards in industrial information systems (PLM, ERP, ...).
  • Training, certification of solutions.
  • Valorizing the work of companies.

Our offer to innovate with strong R&D

  • Managing and/or producing innovative standards from design to decommissioning (France, International; publicly or industrially funded).
  • Developing collaborative tools and platforms (visualization, quality control, connectors ...).
  • Provisioning space for experimentation on digital twins and model-based processes.
  • Developing smart standards (models for digital standards).
Our Positioning